Our Mini Yorkies Have Big Hearts

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If you want an adorable pup that's great with kids, you should consider a teacup Yorkie. Yorkie Baby Dolls in Chula Vista, Carlsbad & San Diego, CA always has Yorkies for adoption, and we'll help you choose a pup that's a great fit for your family and lifestyle. Our teacup dog breeder is dedicated to improving the life of each and every pup we breed by giving them forever homes. You can count on a seamless adoption process from start to finish.

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Find the Yorkie that's right for you

When you adopt through us, you'll have the opportunity to explore all the different breeds of Yorkies. Some of our most popular breeds include:

  • Toy Yorkies
  • Biro Yorkies
  • Parti Yorkies
  • Biewer Yorkies
  • Golden Yorkies
  • Teacup Yorkies
  • Golddust Yorkies
  • Chocolate Yorkies
  • Traditional Yorkies
Toy Yorkies can grow to be about four pounds. If you want your furry friend to be bigger than your hand, our toy Yorkie breeders sell pups that can grow to be up to 15 pounds.

Still not sure which breed is right for you? Call 951-775-5628 now to speak with one of our toy Yorkie breeders.